Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Belle Isle

We just completed our first three weeks in Virginia.  The week was busy with things like

Painting our toes

Creating a compost bin

Mowing the lawn for the first time

And going out for frozen yogurt

Steve also completed orientation for residency.  We watched the craziest one hour storm ever and were slightly worried for a minute that we might have to figure out what to do if our power didn't come back on.  We attempted to get library cards and I got completely lost while driving one day.

Today technically starts our 4th week here.  We started if off right by registering our vehicles and applying for driver's license.  I'm pretty sure while we were there somebody must have thought we were the worst parents in the world, but Cadance never cried or screamed, so whatever else she was doing, like wondering around in a circle and laying on the ground, pretty much mean success in my book.

Afterwards we went to Belle Isle.  It's a small island in the James river that is only open to foot traffic. It has a walked path around the island with walkways out to rocks.  There were lots of people out for picnics, sunbathing and swimming in the river, so next time we're bringing out swimsuits.

Foot bridge that hangs under the main highway

View from bridge to downtown Richmond
Stopping for lunch

Cadance wanted to get right in
We just thought this was a funny face

Wading in the river

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  1. Looks like you guys are getting settled it! What a fun outing! Also, I just love chubby little feet with the painted toenails! :)