Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swim Baby, Swim

Yesterday Steve and I took Cadance swimming for the first time. We went to a natural springs that's been turned into a public swimming area. It was really cool. They have diving boards, water slides, and a trapeze. Plus, lots of space to swim. Cadance wasn't really a fan of the water at first. She shrieked bloody murder the first time her feet touched the water. But, she got used to it and really enjoyed herself, especially when we brought out the blow up boat.

Cadance has also been practicing crawling a lot lately. This is a video we took today.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


My brother got married last weekend! Yeah! Cadance and I spent the week beforehand at my parents to help get ready for the event; the reception was in their back yard. While my mom and I spent hours cooking, cleaning, and shopping Cadance had fun being a baby

I'm not sure where this expression came from, but it's hilarious

The sealing was really nice and the weather cooperated- humidity a minimum, no rain, and not too hot. This is us outside of the temple.

Cadance had a lot of fun at the reception. This is her with a strawberry. Yes, a whole strawberry. She ate almost the entire thing. She was eying it on my plate ans I acquiesced. I'm pretty sure she's never been happier.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Project

Last Friday I completed my third course in culinary school. For the final we randomly selected three components to make and then randomly selected three different components to build a finished product. I chose spongecake, Italian meringue, and lemon curd for the second round and put together a lemon thyme cake. I thought it turned out pretty good!