Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchens are Dangerous Places

This is what Chef said to me right after I did this to my hand

It was a really good day it class. It marked the halfway point and we were learning about vegetables. I stayed after class to help with prep for the brunch the following day. This is when things took a turn. The chef assigned me to make bacon. I've never done this before but had seen others, so I quickly went about the task of putting the parchment paper and tray on the sheet pan, placing the the pieces of bacon in a row and putting it into the 450 degree conventional oven.

The first tray came out fine. Then I moved to take the second sheet out. I opened the doors of the oven, which open vertically like French door. The next thing I know grease spilled over the edge of the pan. I don't exactly have reflexes like a cat so my attempt to push the tray back in failed and greased spilled out the other side of the tray. This is when I screamed, "I need help!"

As soon as Chef had the tray in hand my hand was under water and then reaching for ice. I enjoyed my afternoon sitting in urgent care. So yes, kitchens are dangerous places!

Friday, February 12, 2010


This is why we live in Texas

Steve and I went last weekend. We looked at the pigs and cows and baby animals. We also went to an equestrian show.
Although parts were kind of boring we thought this was really cool

This is not why we live in Texas

This is what we woke up to Thursday morning. It kind of reminds me of Utah. Steve and I moved to Texas about a year and a half ago; apparently mother nature didn't get the memo.

Although, I really do have mixed feelings about the whole business. On one hand last February it was high 60's and I was planting our garden in frantic, thinking we'd missed our planting window. A part of me would really like to have the weather be mid 60's. On the other hand I think north Texas needs to stop whining and come to grips with the fact that it snows here. This is our 4th snow of the season. Maybe it's time for the city to invest, I don't know, in a snow plow. I would even go for some salt, anything to help remove the snow that doesn't use natural elements like the sun. But, it is gorgeous and it was all worth it because I came home to this cuteness

So, it snowed all night and this is what we found Friday morning

We think we got somewhere between 6-7 inches. No, it not like the storms out east, but for a place that acts like it never gets cold it's quite the storm.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you spun in a circle and took a picture of yourself

It would look something like this