Monday, July 25, 2011

A Bunch of RandomThings

Over the past few weeks I've often thought, oh, I should write a post about that, or, I should put up that video. And, I obviously haven't. So, I thought I would post up a bunch of random stuff.

This video is my favorite. She does this funny thing with her head when she's trying to pick something up off the floor. The problem is, this chair is a glider so it's not working for her. About half way through she discovers a new noise and I think she likes it more than the flip flop

Here are some pictures from the Cowgirl Museum. We went on Saturday.

She also really loves to eat. It's her favorite time of day. Pictured below are her first tastes of sandwiches. She was a fan.

And some random ones just for good measure

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Do You Learn?

For all of you moms out there I have some questions for you. When do you learn that covering a child in a full body frock will not guarantee that paint will remain off the clothes? When do you remember that no matter how clean they look in a high chair they still have food on them somewhere? When does it click that the decision to let your child hold a spoon is really a decision to pick said spoon off the floor? And, when do you realize that bananas stain really badly?