Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bold Move

So we know we've talked to some people about our painting adventures, so here are the pictures.  We still have one more day of touch up, but it's pretty much done and we're super excited!

This is our pre-painted room.

Day 1
We bought paint and supplies and blocked the walls for the first coat.

Day 2
We painted all the walls this fabulous grey color.

Day 3 
The orange was added to the diagonal walls and window wall

Day 4
Steve blocked for the stripes to be added.

Day 5 
White stripes were added!

We love how much more awake this room is!  Cadance got very excited when she saw it this morning.  We think it's going to make a great play room and craft area.

Steve did most of work, with me in supporting roles, so thank you Steve for making this possible.  It's going to be so much fun!


  1. You missed Texas so much you went for the Whataburger look??? I completely understand and I LOVE it! So fun, you should put it on pinterest!

  2. So cute you guys. I'm impressed at your ingenuity and mad skills (and, btw, the comment above is hilarious!)