Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Picture

So I know this is old, but I you get the idea

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Stuff...In Case You Care

These are some happenings around our parts

We bought some furniture. It was way exciting and one of those "oh my gosh, I'm an adult" kind of moments.

Steve decided to buzz his head, which was partially an accident, but then he was glad he did it. Votes: do you like it?

We went down to San Antonio to play with our families. We went to The Institute of Texas Culture and an arts event. This picture is in front of the restaurant we ate at, Rosarios.

So Let's Talk About This

For the last 6 weeks this is what our street has looked like

Okay, it hasn't looked exactly like this. First, it was just dirt and then mud and then dirt again and then mud and then mud covered in snow. Then came sidebar on one side of the street followed by concrete and sidebar on the second side of the street,which is the current phase of the construction. You know, I haven't been the most patient person through the project. Looking down at your pant leg at work and realizing it's covered in mud from the construction just kind of irritates me. But, I have tried. Sometimes. I just don't understand why the city of Fort Worth couldn't have waited until after winter and hurricane season to start the new road and why with two blocks of undriveable street they chose to lay their extra sidebar in front of our house. Really, I don't think it was necessary.

Anybody else have frustrating construction stories? I'd love to hear