Thursday, April 25, 2013


This conversation happened today.

While Cadance was wearing two different tutus at the same time.

And while she was running laps around her play room.

C: Princess Cadance
M: You look more like ballerina Cadance
C: No, princess Cadance
M: Oh
C: Mom is not a princess
M: What, I can't be a princess
C: Mom has no skirt
M: I think princesses can wear pants
C: No, I have a skirt (actually a tutu), tutu, and another skirt

6 months ago Cadance hadn't even heard the word princess; she is now apparently an expert

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goose Induced Euphoria

Before I delve into out goose adventure let me first explain that while living in Richmond I have been hard pressed to see ducks.  They just don't seem to live around here.  It's always such an odd thing.  Geese, however, we have plenty of geese.

But geese are much trickier animals to deal with.  Like they can be mean.  So we haven't really gone out to feed the ducks (or geese) mostly in fear of them attacking my daughter.

Well, last Saturday we left pretty early in the morning for a walk around Maymont Park.  Apparently it doesn't open until 10 am so we found ourselves with an hour to kill.  Luckily right next to Maymont is Byrd Park.  So, we drove over and figured we could hang out, get a couple pics, etc.

We parked right next to a grassy field with tons of geese.  And let me tell you they had quite the impression on Cadance.

Can you see the look of excitement on her face.  She was off and chased those poor geese everywhere.  She really wanted to catch one.

Here's a video of her in action.

At some point, you can hear it in the video, the geese kind of went a little crazy.  Some of them actually started heading in her direction and I was kind of afraid they were going to try and chase her away.  But, luckily, they did not revolt in violence.

After the geese adventure we had a lot of fun enjoying a day of fabulous spring weather.  Here are some pictures that we took.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden: Part 2

It's official...we're gardening.

It makes me super excited and super nervous at the same time.  What if nothing grows?  What if things grow but it's all really sucky?  

I guess time will tell.  

We currently have 7 of the 32 squares of our garden filled.  2 carrots, 2 lettuce, radishes, onion, and bok choy.  Bok choy?  Bok choy.  It's kind of a curve ball, but my parents sent it in an Easter package and well, why not?  We like bok choy.  

We've even started to see just a little bit of sprouting

Yes, I know it could be a weed as easily as it could be bibb lettuce, but here's to hoping.

In the next coming days I have our first line up of summer crops to plant: tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, and some marigold for color.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Splash Pad

Due to some unusually warm weather last week I took Cadance to a local splash pad to cool off.

You should have seen the look on her face when I pulled out her bathing suit.  It was like Christmas.  "We're going swimming!", she declared.  Not quite swimming, but good enough.

Here is a video of he first approaching the water.

And here she is running around.

Dodging the spray of water

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cadance: Bed Designer

A couple weeks ago Cadance got really into building with blocks.  She's built lots of things, but she went threw this bed phase.

Now don't worry if these things don't seem to resemble beds to you

I don't really understand either

She's obviously some sort of creative genius.

But, I assure you she made it very clear she was going to "make a bed."