Sunday, October 13, 2013

And Now She's Three

This weekend we celebrated the birth of Cadance.  It was quite the celebration.  What has been the most fun is the fact that there is recognition on her part of the significance of birthdays.  Steve woke her up in the morning to say "Happy Birthday."  There was also an explanation about how she is now three and not two.  When we started eating breakfast a few minutes later she proudly exclaimed, "Three!" while holding up three fingers.  On Saturday she asked very excitedly if she was still three and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Also important to note is that she has changed the rules about the correct response to, "Happy Birthday!"  Instead of "thank you," you should exclaim, "Happy Birthday!"  It becomes more of a mutual rejoicing that way.  Although people may look at you funny. 

So Friday morning Cadance got all dressed for the day and we headed out. 

First up was our weekly playgroup.  We played at a local mall with some friends. 

Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  I think her smile expresses well her feelings toward Chick-fil-A.

Next was a hair cut.  It was be hard to believe, but Cadance has never had her hair cut.  I think her smile in this picture expresses well her feelings before her haircut began and the fact that she could see herself in the mirror.  We are both very grateful that the lady only took about 10 minutes to cut her hair. 

And, Cadance helped make her birthday cake. 

After Steve came home and we had dinner Cadance opened her birthday presents. 

 And last but not least came the cake and ice cream.  This year she even blew out all three of her candles all by herself.  We were very proud.

Saturday morning started an all new set of adventures as we got ready for Cadance's birthday party. 

We invited over just a couple of Cadance's girlfriends for a pink lemonade tea party.  We started by making crowns.  Glitter glue and fake gemstones, what more could a toddler ask for.

Here is a picture of the table we set up for the girls. 

They liked the lemonade. 

I read, "Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink"

And we finished the party with some good ol' bubble blowing.

It was super easy and casual and Cadance had so much fun. 

And now we're off to year 4.  Crazy!


  1. Wow, she's getting so big. Looks like she's just loving life. And you planned a darling party.

  2. Bah, has it been three years already!? Happiest (belated) Birthday Cadance!