Thursday, November 7, 2013


So yes, I know the rest of the world has moved on to Christmas, but here is what our Halloween happenings looked like.  Just in case anybody actually cares.

The night before Halloween we went to our ward party.  Yummy chili and trunk-or-treating.  It was super fun.  My sister was in town and we dressed up like Mrs. White and Ms. Peacock from Clue.  Steve dressed like Professor Plum, but we didn't get that photographed.

No, that's not a real knife, but it was fun to pretend

Cadance was the most super excited princess in the entire world. 

The day of Halloween was all sorts of adventures.  We spent the morning walking around Maymont Park and then took a tour of the Victorian mansion on the property.  Did you know that they used to stop clocks when somebody died?  Now you do. 

After an unsuccessful hunt to find a carving pumpkin (seriously every store sold out the weekend before), we went home to try to get Cadance to take a nap.  After that didn't happen we took her trick-or-treating at a local mall.  I'm pretty sure the most fabulous thing in the entire world is hearing your daughter say, "trick-or-treat please!" 

Steve tried unsuccessfully to take Cadance out again around our block. After one house she said she was done.  Oh, well. 

While I made pizza for dinner, my dear sister made jack-o-lanterns with Cadance.  All month she talked about "scary pumpkins."  She loves them.  So, making one of her own was like the greatest thing in the world.  Too bad we couldn't carve one for real, but the paper kind seemed just fine with her.  It actually was probably a good thing we couldn't find a pumpkin because paper is a whole lot less messy than pumpkin innards. 

To complete the evening I thought it necessary to eat more sugar, so we made donuts.  Pumpkin donuts.  Can you say, "new tradition."  This was definitely my favorite part of the holiday. 

And now we're on to Thanksgiving.  Oh, wait, we need to have a baby first.  Cross your fingers it happens next week!

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