Monday, September 16, 2013

Cadance and I have been Vacationing

A week and a half ago Cadance and I set out on a little trip.  With a bag full of snacks and hours worth of toddler entertainment thanks to our local library we hit the road.  "This is a long drive," Cadance pointed out a time or two, but luckily that was about the extent of the complaining!

Our first stop was Morgantown, WV.  Home of WVU, the #1 party school in the US, also my super fabulous old roommate, whom I hadn't seen since Cadance was born. 

We visited Cooper's Rock and this great view

Ate ice cream in a gun shop!

Went swimming. 

And ate dinner at the Polky Dot, voted #1 breakfast place in WV by Food Network magazine

Basically there was no was I could resist taking a picture on this bench

Thank you Katie for giving up your bed to your old roommate and your floor to her slightly crazy toddler

Next up PA.  Luckily the next leg of our journey was slightly shorter.  Too bad Cadance didn't fall asleep until the last 5 minutes of the trip.  But, she was happy to be woken up at her cousins house!

Among other fun things we went to Chocolate World in Hershey.  Steve and I went a few years ago, but we thought it would be fun to take Cadance.  It definitely solidified in her mind that she likes chocolate. 

Here are the three cuties waiting to go inside

And here they are again enjoying a post tour treat

Although Autumn seems to be in the air we had a couple of hot 95+ days and couldn't resist the sprinkler.

The morning we left we took the cousins to a place called Let's Pretend.  Cadance is still talking about it. 

They did some painting

Here is Cadance's cousin taking our order at the diner

Cadance taking care of her baby.

And the day wouldn't be complete without a concert

I couldn't decide if Cadance was more hilarious in pink hair

Or a brown crop with pink hat

And here is a video of Cadance and the first time she's ever gotten a hold of a microphone

Thanks to my awesome brother and sister in law for letting us crash at their place.  It was such a fun week!


  1. Check out that pink-haired rockstar. Amazing! Sounds like you had a fun trip.

  2. So fun you got to see Katie. I had no idea she was at WVU.

  3. That looks so fun! Jealous you and Katie got to hang out! :)