Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Week of Walking

One week ago Saturday Cadance took her first consecutive set of steps.  It was completely fantastic.  She was incredibly proud of herself, as were Steve and I.  Yesterday we took this video to document her progress, and oh has she made progress.  Today at church she was pretty much walking down the hallways.  Although I know she is now trouble I can't help  being totally thrilled about it :)


  1. That is pretty exciting! Just think how much exercise you'll be getting chasing her around. :) (Sounds exhausting, actually, but they're so cute at these new stages.)

  2. Yay Cadance!!! That is such a cute video! Also, what is it about little girls and strollers? :)

  3. What a champ! I love that she has her hands above her head the whole time. Too cute!