Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Birthday

So I'm sure I was supposed to write some fabulous post about Cadance's first birthday.  Post a lot of pictures and give great detail for all of our wonderful family who weren't able to celebrate with us.  But, mostly I haven't felt motivated, or I don't want to relive it and then have to admit that it actually happened.  Also, my mom and I switched cameras so I don't have the video of Cadance eating her birthday cake. 

What I can tell you is that Cadance is now a year old.  She loves all the gifts she received.  According to her doctor she needs more milk because she's not gaining enough weight.  I weaned her in record time (2 days).  She is starting to have an opinion about all sorts of things in life and since she can't talk it mostly come out is disgruntled grunts and flaying herself out of our arms.  She has five teeth, and with the way she's been teething I'm pretty sure there are like 5 more ready to come in.  Getting 5 shots makes her shake.  She loves to be outside and sits next to the door just in case I decide to open it.  Also she completely understands all signs of when we're leaving, mostly her shoes, which I'm particularly proud of.  She likes to play hide and go seek.  She just learned how to turn off the light.  She hates getting her temperature taken.  Food makes her all sorts of jealous.  Mostly she is this completely fantastic person that I'm so happy to know!

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  1. Happy birthday Cadance!! I am glad she had such a wonderful birthday! Sorry about the teething and the shots. That is so cute that she sits by the door! :)