Friday, May 8, 2009

Gardening Successes!

Right when we moved in Carolyn and I decided we wanted to plant a garden in our back yard. We both weeded here and there and discovered that gardening requires pretty constant attention. Carolyn thinks the garden is difficult to manage and she's right. This April the two of us spent between five and six hours removing large roots from out of our soil. Apparently, the previous owners had large trees in the back yard that they cut down and left the roots.

About two months ago we started growing tomatoes in little trays. We have patiently nourished these tiny seeds and now we have plants that are about four inches tall. They have fairly decent foliage and they have taken well to our clay soils. Get thrilled. We also planted two jalapeno pepper plants that are doin' great. We did loose all of our lettuce though. Apparently, the wind was just too strong for them and they all died.

Thanks for reading about our adventures and we hope to bring you more fun stories.

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  1. Yay you have a blog! You should post some pictures of the two of you...I haven't seen you in forever.