Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Because I can, I will be sharing my culinary creations with the viewers of this blog. This is a blueberry creamcheese braid. I made it on mothers day and it was absolutely delicious. It's the first braid I've made, and I thought it turned out pretty good. The recipe came from It's a forum website for amateur bakers. The greatest thing about the site is the lessons. If you're thinking about baking bread, it's a good place to look. Plus, they post recipes like the delicious one show above.


  1. That looks amazingly delicious!! I am SO excited to see you guys in a month!

  2. why did you do anything on mothers day? Is that not a day designated for Steve doing everything? Did I miss the pupose?

  3. Wow, I am super jealous. I am salivating looking at the pictures. All the pictures look great too! Thanks for sharing