Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Story...

So I've got a pretty funny story to share. In school we have to do mock exams of patients. We start with the skin and then do the eyes, ears, throat etc. So I'm twenty minutes into the exam of this 60 year old guy and I am testing his abdomen. For those of you who have never assessed an abdomen before you start by observing it in general and describe it. I say,"The patient has no scars or visible hernias." Next, you listen to the bowel sounds with a stethoscope and percuss the abdomen. Percussion of the abdomen consists of putting one finger down on the abdomen and then with another finger tapping it in such a way to elicit a popping sound. After I percuss the abdomen I talk about how there is a tympanic sound throughout the abdomen and how there is a hypertympanic sound over a gastric air bubble. Just when I am about done with this part of the exam I have to palpate the area to check for masses and tenderness. While I am pressing in pretty well the guy lets out this big fart right in the middle of the most serene silence and I just start cracking up inside because I know I can't say anything about it.

I hope to continue to share such snippets of my life with you as I continue through medical school. I am just about finished with my first year and I still love it.

Carolyn wishes to add her love and stuff.

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