Monday, June 10, 2013

When My Parents Came to Visit

Recently my parents came to visit.  One fun day after another.  Cadance was a trooper.  She loved every minute of it.  And, she still ends every day with, "another fun day," repeating what my mom would say to her every night. 

Here are some highlights. 

The Zoo          

Cadance with the flamingos, which I would say is her favorite bird

This orangutan started chewing the plastic coating off of the fence and then spit it at us.  I'm pretty sure she was bored more than mean, and it was pretty funny

Notice the brown pellets of animal food.  Cadance loved throwing "rocks" at all the animals and in the water.

My dad trying to get the peacock to open his feathers, too bad it didn't work.  Cadance called them pecans.

Notice the red cheeks and sweaty hair.  She loved every minute though

So excited to ride the giraffe on the carousel.
   Belle Isle      

Gorgeous view of the James River

Cadance so excited because she knows what's coming

Going for a walk with Grandma
Enjoying the current of the water
 The Greek Festival

Loving the dancing

Not so much loving the food

Cheesing it for the camera in the cathedral
Maymont Park

Bubble fun!
Always love the flowers
Looking at the waterfall

Enjoying time with Grandma

Thanks for the week mom and dad!  Good food, good adventures, good conversation!                                                               

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