Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Garden Excitement!

We have been super excited about our garden this year, and although I was hoping to do more of a play by play in the season, not having a computer for a month, etc got in the way.  So, here's a little excitement in the back yard

First up, lettuce!  This is the last head of lettuce.  It will be gone soon.  It was so thrilling eating salads made out of lettuce from our garden. 

Then there's this little guy.  It looks like other peppers are about to come, but so far only this one has started to grow.  We received 4 pepper plants for free from a farmer's market so I figure anything we get is good. 

Our bean plant is about 6 feet tall.  It's out of control.  Any advice anyone has about controlling those little vines would be fabulous. Hopefully we'll see more beans and less flowers soon. 

And last but not least...our tomato.  Well, we have 7 tomatoes growing, but only one is turning red.  Granted, I'm hoping we get more than 7 tomatoes (I paid $10 for 2 plants), but seeing that it's actually working is so exciting. I look out of the kitchen window basically every time I'm in there to check on him.  Steve and I are both chomping at the bit to eat him. 

Sorry there's no picture, but Cadance's favorite part of the garden is the pink flower she picked out from Home Depot.  I'm honestly surprised it's still alive.  But, it's growing well.  And, now that Cadance has a small pool in the backyard she pours buckets of water on them because, "they are hungry and need to eat."

On the not so good side we planted 6 watermelon seeds and 8 cucumber seeds and nothing even sprouted.  We have almost an entire 4x4 foot square empty because it was meant for a watermelon plant.  Oh well, we'll try again next year!


  1. I think it is funny that your plants are gendered. It is very exciting. Did you ever get any bok choy?

  2. We try to plant a 4X4 box with strawberries every year...we've yet to have a harvest with them though.