Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eleven Days Til Move

Cadance ate like 5 pieces of a sushi roll, which both surprised and delighted us.  We left out the wasabi.

We watched "We Bought a Zoo for Christmas" tonight.  Matt Damon is a dream boat.

All the pictures around our house are now in boxes.  It oddly makes me feel like we're moving in, not moving out.

I said goodbye to my doctor, which I'm pretty sure is extremely odd.

I went to Sprouts for probably the last time, although I may need to find another excuse because I like it so much.

Cadance decided she no longer likes baths.  In all of the horror that that implies.

I still can't decide if I should be stressed out because there's too much to do in not enough time or if I will have way too much time on my hands.

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  1. You have a very cultured little girl on your hands. :) I have to chuckle at saying goodbye to the doctor. At the last few checkups we have gone to, our pediatrician has asked us when we are moving. "Not for at least another year and a half." Apparently we are a little more long term than most of her patients. :) I'm so excited for you to move and start the next step!