Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colorado Weekend

Steve is currently working in Colorado Springs, CO.  I am currently missing him.  But, we did get to visit him this past weekend.  It was lots of fun hanging out and playing with Cadance.  It also snowed.  Cadance was incredibly amazed by the white stuff.  She got excited every time she looked out the window.

This was her first time in the snow.  She was say excited until she tripped.  I don't think she knew her hands could be that cold.

Garden on the Gods.  They have amazing rock formations jutting out of the earth.  Pretty cool.

Getting ready to go out in the snow.  We prepared her properly this time.

Not really sure what to do with the snow.  A lot of it was too deep for her to walk in so she kept falling over. It was kind of hilarious.


  1. I love seeing little ones experience snow for the first time! How long will Steve be there?

  2. She is adorable with the humongous snow suit! Sorry you guys have to be apart for awhile. :(

  3. Steve is in CO until Feb 25- it's almost done!