Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arizona Fun

We made it to Arizona.  We're staying with some friends while Steve works at the local ER.  We flew in yesterday afternoon and Steve arrived by car that evening.   It is so nice to be together as a whole family again.  Cadance went down last night before Steve got here.  This morning I got Cadance up and changed her diaper.  She was less then enthralled about the idea and was telling me about it in body and verbal language.  All of a sudden she stopped in her tracks and said, "da."  Steve had come into view.  It was great. She got all excited.

We decided to start off on the right foot and went to a local park.

Got to love the swings.  Her new favorite game is to act like she wants to get off then walk to the swing next to her to try that one out.

On a train ride around the park.  

 Looking at the ducks in the pond.  

"Climbing" the rock wall.  

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