Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Hope you Had a Merry Little Christmas

So obviously this is way behind and I've been thinking about doing this since the 25th, but whenever I sit down to the computer I always end up doing something else.

Steve, Cadance, and I enjoyed a fabulous Christmas at home.  We had a wonderful Christmas music program at church and spent the evening with some friends.  Cadance was really excited to open gifts, although mostly confused.  My favorite was when she opened the scrapbook I made of her first year.  She immediately looked at the entire thing and was very excited about it, to the point that she crawled on top of it to get a better view.  Here are some pictures

For dinner I made sirloin roast, etc. with creme brulee for dessert (thanks mom!)  Check out this torch action

Since then we've been having an excellent time together as a family.  Steve is on vacation from school until the end of January.  Cadance is growing up so fast.  I know everyone says that, but it's so true.  She can currently be found doing things like this

as well as pointing out her bellybutton and saying "ba" anytime she sees anything that looks remotely related to a ball.

Steve has his last interview Friday (Whoot!)  We'll be submitting our rank list soon and match in March.  OMG my husband is going to be a doctor this year.  How cool is that!?! We had a truly blessed 2011 and are so excited for the coming year.  Thank you to everyone in our lives, we're so blessed to know you!

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