Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh what a month

For four weeks Steve and I lived with my parents in San Antonio.  Steve was doing a rotation with the UT San Antonio Pathology department.  I figured that if I didn't go down for the entirety of the rotation there was a good chance my parents would kill me.  If not, then be really upset and maybe live with me for four weeks, so down we went. 

If was so much fun to be with my family.  As chance had it two siblings who normally don't live in SA were there for a few weeks so most of my family were at my parents house.  Cadance absolutely loved it.  It took her about 12 hours to realize how amazing it is to have constant attention.

We didn't have many plans, but what plans we did have got curtailed by an emergency surgery for moi the 3rd day we were there.  So, luckily I had plenty of hands to take care of Cadance while I recovered, but my baking, scrapbooking, running dreams were put on hold 3 of the 4 weeks of our stay.

So, without being about to go do much we had fun at home swimming, playing with pudding, watching a lot of episodes of Chopped, and straightening my little brother's hair.  When I did venture out there was much shopping for my brother's wedding and one dinner at Dough Pizza (fabulous!).

2.5 weeks into the rotation we flew to Las Vegas for the wedding.  As tired and sick as we all were we had a lot of fun.  The reception was gorgeous as was the bride.  We had a lot of friends come up from California so it was fun to be able to see them again.  Cadance was a sport, especially during the walk on the strip that went right through her nap time.  Also, I am extremely grateful for the invention of the pack n play; Cadance took more than one nap in a classroom at the church building. 

The trip wouldn't be complete without Steve's wonderful family.  We were able to spend some time at the Ellsworths, and Cindy was gracious enough to watch Cadance while we went to the movies.  We also went to the Culinary Institute of America's bakery and enjoyed some fantastic pastries and a great lunch!

In other news, Steve is fairly certain that forensic pathology is the field he wants to get into.  He really liked the rotation- the work, schedule, etc.  He's also almost finished with his residency application (whoot!).  I graduated from the Culinary School of Fort Worth with a certificate in Pastry Arts.  Both our parents came up to celebrate.  It was a great day.

So here are some pictures from the trip, in no particular order:


  1. That is awesome you were able to spend so much time with your family! It sounds like a great trip, except the part about the surgery. Are you doing okay?

  2. So fun! I can't believe how big Cadance is getting. I bet your family loved having you around so much.

    That picture of you straightening your brother's hair brought back memories of when we let Katie color our hair for the first time! Wow, that was a long time ago!