Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Do You Learn?

For all of you moms out there I have some questions for you. When do you learn that covering a child in a full body frock will not guarantee that paint will remain off the clothes? When do you remember that no matter how clean they look in a high chair they still have food on them somewhere? When does it click that the decision to let your child hold a spoon is really a decision to pick said spoon off the floor? And, when do you realize that bananas stain really badly?


  1. hehehe so true, Carolyn! My decision to give Annie a banana in the car ended up causing the worst stains on her old carseat to date. And they're still not out! Mabel just has to live with those banana stains. :)

  2. That is why we GrandME's love for you all to become mom' just get to look at everything you have become in a different my mom did this for me: wow: if my mom loved me the way I love and care for my kids..: wow: how does anyone have more than one child....