Friday, June 24, 2011

Cadance the Explorer

The last few weeks Cadance has had a lot of fun exploring our apartment. She's gotten quite good at it, actually. Here are a few pictures from of what she's discovered.

She has also discovered bathtubs and likes to push things off the sides. But, dogs are her favorite. Sometimes we'll go sit by the volleyball court and watch people bring their dogs out. She gets so excited.

In other news, at school today someone came and delivered some mushrooms. He made the comment that it wasn't that hot outside. When I left I saw a sign that said 97. Only in Texas is 97 "not that hot."

Steve is studying hard for his boards. He's technically is a 4th year (have a party in your head!), but until he completes his second round of boards it doesn't mean much. July 21st here we come!

And just because it's fun, here's a video of Cadance eating a strawberry. She become quite jealous when we eat without her, so she's been getting a lot more snacks lately, usually fruit, but yesterday I gave her a pretzel rod while we ate dinner- an entire pretzel rod, usually I break it into pieces. She ate the entire thing. I was shocked. I didn't know you could go through food that fast without teeth.

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  1. Why is her strawberry blue with a yellow handle? I thought strawberries were red with a green stem.