Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tortilla Incident 2010 aka I would really like to not be pregnant anymore

Friday was my due date. It was a fine day. Actually, I was very excited about the fact that it was my due date and for the first time was particularly pleased with people asking when I was due. "Today," is a great answer and people get really excited when you say it.

I kept myself busy during the day by running errands and decorating for Halloween. I watched a movie and went walking. Then, the late afternoon came and I decided it was time to start dinner. Chicken tacos was on the menu. I started the chicken poaching, grated some cheese, chopped up lettuce and tomatoes and then pulled out the package of corn tortillas.

My thought was to go more on the tostada side, so I lined them up on a baking sheet, brushed them with some vegetable oil and put them in the oven. They cooked, but never really got crunchy so I flipped the oven to broil, took the chicken from the poaching liquid to cool and then sat down at the kitchen table and looked through a stores ad.

It's amazing how quickly you can lose track of the time. Also, it's amazing how quickly corn tortillas go from yellow to black. I don't know how long I sat at the table, but I realized it was for too long and when I jumped up and looked at the oven smoke was literally pouring out of any available crack.

The sheet of "tortillas" was placed outside, the vent was turned on, the screen door was opened, living room fan turned on, and all other doors in the house were closed to hopefully channel all smoke out. I would like to say that the smoke cleared in a few minutes and all has returned to normal, but when Steve arrived home I was sitting out by our parking spot to avoid smoke. When he asked what I was doing I responded, "I was thinking today would be a great day to go out to dinner." When we returned two and a half hours later the smoke was cleared but our house smelled like two chain smokers lived inside.

This morning the smell was slightly for the better but not gone. After cleaning the oven tonight I have a feeling that this week will involve lots of febreeze, couch and carpet cleaning. If I go into labor sooner rather than later I can only hope my daughter is a fan of the fire pit at the beach smell.


  1. yea for crispy taco's, hope you enjoyed dinner out! Praying for you and waiting for you to call me, everyone here in Ohio knows that I could be a grandma any second....were are all cheering for you! The trip has been great and I will be home Tuesday night. Take care of all yourselves! Much love....

  2. I just recently really crispified some tortillas in the oven. Gotta love the smell. I hope by this time you are having your baby! Good luck! I am sure she won't mind if there is the lingering burnt tortilla smell. :)