Monday, October 4, 2010

39 Weeks and Counting

So here I am at 39 weeks.

All is still well in the pregnancy world. I am now officially unemployed as of Friday at 5pm and am officially a full time homemaker. All I need is a baby to make it complete.

We've started the count down to her arrival

So far Cindy, Gabrielle and Kylee all went on the early side. And, although I appreciate it, I had a lot of errands to run today and going into labor would have been kind of on the inconvenient side :) But, there is still plenty of time for her to be early, although Steve and I don't think she will be. She seems to be quite comfortable where she is at the moment. I think we have a week and Steve thinks it's more like two. I kind of hope he's wrong.

The weather decided to finally cool off a bit, which is more than welcome and makes it feel more like Autumn. To celebrate the beginning of the season we bought a pumpkin last Friday and I roasted a chicken for dinner last night. Happy Autumn!


  1. Since she hasn't been born today yet, Dad wants to change to next Monday as his guess. I think you are quite beautiful for being 39 weeks pregnant.

  2. You look great! I love that shirt.

    Good luck with the last few days. I sobbed on my due date because Tanner hadn't come and didn't seem like he was ever coming. It all works out though and he was ready when the finally induced me 6 days late.

    Enjoy the last few days and maybe go to a movie or something. It will be a while before you go again. :)

  3. Darn, I guessed too early! If it is any consolation my doctor said that for sure I would have to be induced because Ellie wasn't coming any time soon, and less than a week later he delivered her 5 days early. You look amazing for being 39 weeks. :)

  4. you do look great! And I did guess too early...can I put in another date? I'll guess the 14th of October. Hope all is well.