Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchens are Dangerous Places

This is what Chef said to me right after I did this to my hand

It was a really good day it class. It marked the halfway point and we were learning about vegetables. I stayed after class to help with prep for the brunch the following day. This is when things took a turn. The chef assigned me to make bacon. I've never done this before but had seen others, so I quickly went about the task of putting the parchment paper and tray on the sheet pan, placing the the pieces of bacon in a row and putting it into the 450 degree conventional oven.

The first tray came out fine. Then I moved to take the second sheet out. I opened the doors of the oven, which open vertically like French door. The next thing I know grease spilled over the edge of the pan. I don't exactly have reflexes like a cat so my attempt to push the tray back in failed and greased spilled out the other side of the tray. This is when I screamed, "I need help!"

As soon as Chef had the tray in hand my hand was under water and then reaching for ice. I enjoyed my afternoon sitting in urgent care. So yes, kitchens are dangerous places!


  1. Ouch, ouch, ouch! YOu poor thing.

  2. that looks awful!!! I am so sorry! Heal fast!

  3. Carolyn do you have oven mits? Need some? I hope you are recovering quickly!