Thursday, September 24, 2009

A walk and a Picnic

As time wound down for me to go back to work, Texas decided to rain, for seven days straight. This is weird, especially for mid September. It was acting like Autumn. During a short pause I decided to go for a walk. It was fabulous because 1) it was cool enough to walk and not sweat and 2) I saw cool things around my neighborhood.

The rain stopped for the weekend, and Monday evening Steve took me on a picnic at the Botanical Gardens to celebrate my going back to work and the test he took that day. I made chicken salad sandwiches, potato salad, and sliced peaches that were extremely disappointing. On my friend Elise's blog she said the cool summer made the peaches not that great in Pennsylvania. Here in Texas we definitely didn't have that problem, but maybe the heat did something to them :)

After the picnic we went to the duck pond and fed the ducks and geese. I've never seen this many geese in a duck pond before; they were intense. As we walked over the moved in on us, squawking the whole way.

Work has been going well for me this week. It's good to be back. Steve is still enjoying school. The little excitement that we do get, besides feeding wildlife, is the TV show The West Wing. We started it at the beginning of the school year and are into the 3rd season. If you've never seen it we would recommend it.

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