Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time at Home

So the last few weeks I've been spending time at home.

This is me like three weeks ago at Baylor All Saints Hospital

I went in for surgery on August 19th and have been enjoying my time (well, resting) since then at home. For anyone who is shocked or worried at this don't be. I had my first check up yesterday and the doctor said the incisions looked great. I thought this was a good sign seeing that he was one who made them.

So, now I have four fewer inches of intestines and besides being slightly more tired than usual and not able to bend I'm enjoying not having to go to work. I'm knitting and watching TV and reading. Our ward members have been great support to us as well.

Also, thanks to my mom and mom-in-law for all the time they spent taking care of me, my husband and our home these last few weeks.

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  1. I'm confused why did you have to have 4 inches of your intestine removed?? Glad you are doing well!