Friday, January 18, 2013


When we moved to Virginia we had lots of low downs on the weather.  Everyone wanted to make sure we knew how things go on here climate wise.  So far we haven't been disappointed.  Most people have been very accurate about the weather.  Last night we could check one more thing off our list: snow.  Supposedly it snows once a year.  Sometime in January.  Really cold winters there may be one or two more, but count on one.

And it happened.

Just like they said.  Snow is always so magical.  Especially the first snow.  So, I'm thinking Virginia will be the perfect place because every time it snows I will think it's magical.  I will never get sick of it.  Here's to hoping.

The only downside to the snowfall was that we had 4 days of rain preceding it.  Our yards are so muddy and gross.  But, you can really only be excited when you have this cute girl shouting, "snow!" every few minutes.

And, since she isn't crazy, we had a good ten minute play in the snow.  She tramped around, threw a few snow balls.  Laughed when I threw them at her.  Then, she declared herself cold and we went inside.  Perfect!

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