Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Ellsworth Vacation

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this or not because I didn't think I had that many pictures, but I had more than I thought, so her goes.  This is about a week late, but that's okay.

We had some fabulous times with Steve's family.

We started off in Harrisburg, PA for the weekend.  We had a fabulous BBQ on Sunday night and lots of Olympics watching.

Then, we headed to Philadelphia .  This is Cadance eating her first Philly cheese steak, or at least the bread of one.  She was really excited.  I was probably more excited.

Cadance's cousin Annie sharing some lemonade.  It was pretty cute.

This is in front of Independence Hall, and I was excited, again, to stand where Abraham Lincoln stood.

Excitement again at this fabulous poster.  I don't remember where I saw it.

Cadance made it all the way up the "Rocky steps." (Thanks Uncle Brant for the help).

Walking around and enjoying the view of downtown Philly.

We spent one wonderful relaxing day at the beach.

Then, we headed to Richmond.  The fam stayed for three nights and I got to show them around.  One of the high lights was the James River.  We wish we had dressed to swim, although the girls didn't really seemed to mind and jumped right in.  Cadance was completely agitated until we finally just let her loose.  She was only disappointed that she couldn't go down the rapids :)


  1. How fun! I so want to explore the east coast some more. I can't believe how big Cadance is!!

  2. Cadance is getting so big! That is so cool that you guys live so close to all of those amazing sites!