Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer, Are Your Here?

Cadance loves the pool.  I suppose this isn't such a horrible thing, except you can see the pool the moment you step out from our apartment door.  Also, you can see it from our patio door.  Cadance knows where the pool is and if we go outside she naturally wants to go to the pool.  She'll ride her bike or go for a walk or play on the steps, and then it's always the question, "pool?"  Expect, it's not actually a question, it's Cadance pointing and looking desperately at the pool while she walks in its direction.

As much as I love the spring weather we've been having, part of me really wishes the weather would spike 10 degrees to make my afternoons a whole lot easier.  No more question of what to do- we'll just go to the pool.

Mostly because I wanted to dress Cadance up in her new cute swimsuit and because I knew she wouldn't mind the cold water, we went to the pool last week.  I didn't get in, but Cadance played on the steps for the like an hour and had to be dragged home crying.

Cadance covered in probably unneeded sunscreen and mad that she's not in the pool yet.

Cadance excited that she's in the pool.
In other fantastic news, Steve has 5 more days of  medical school.  Not weeks, months, or years- days!

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