Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Look Out World Here Comes Cadance

Cadance is having a ton of fun exploring the world. Her are some things that she's discovering.

The pool. She has become quite the sun bather.

Kitchen utensils. Apparently it's really easy for a 4 month old baby to reach across the counter, drag the utensil holder up close and pull them out.

Music. Cadance loves this bell she's holding, singing time and pounding on the piano

Literature. We read stories almost everyday and Cadance loves books, although she currently thinks they're better for eating than reading

Gravity. Cadance loves playing with her dad, which usually means she's playing airplane, bouncing on his legs or hanging from his shoulder

Cadance has also learned how to roll from the back to stomach. She does it a couple times a day, but, like most things, it requires great incentive.

Besides entertaining Cadance, Steve and I are doing well. Steve just started his surgery rotation, which is famed at being the worst one of 3rd year. But, he's excited. He's actually in the OR for the first time today, so I'm really excited to hear how it went. Class is going well for me. I'm definitely learning and improving. Last week we did petit fours. They may be cute, but icing a pastry 1" cubed is a pain in the butt and one of the reasons why I like yeast breads. I now will not complain at paying $2-3 because I know all the hard work that went behind it.


  1. That first picture is awesome. What a cutie! Good luck to Steve on the surgery rotation, and good luck not cursing those tiny pastries.

  2. Seriously so cute! I especially love the one of her eating the kitchen utensil. :) So I feel dumb for asking, but are you in some sort of culinary school?

  3. Are you guys still in Fort Worth 8th Ward? My wife's father is having emergency brain surgery tomorrow morning at Plaza Medical Center, and I'm trying to find some local LDS contacts that might be able to assist us. I've tried calling Bishop Smith, but was only able to leave a message. I'm trying to find out whether there is someone in the ward that could assist her with transportation (she doesn't have a license, so no rental car), and maybe if there was someone that could put her up for a few nights. If you know anyone in the ward that could help and maybe benefit from a little extra $$$. She wants to be there for her father, as he does not have any family there with him. I just have to figure out how to get her to Ft Worth from Vegas.

    matt meanea