Monday, November 29, 2010

The Faces of Cadance

One of the best things about babies if their faces. It changes so rapidly that capturing their expressions can be hard work, or really lucky. Here are some faces we've captured of Cadance

This is her normal look. About 95% of the pictures we take look something like this:

This is her Happy face:

This is her tired face:

And her sleeping face:

We call this one evil eyes:

And this one "So now what do I do with it"

And last but not least, this is her "I'm so humiliated" face:

Cadance is doing really well. We've had 3 babies born in our ward in the last week, so comparatively Cadance looks huge. She is moving her head around really well and gaining a lot of strength in her neck. And, as the picture would indicate, she has discovered her tongue, but isn't quite sure what to do with it yet.

Steve and I had a great Thanksgiving break. He is working in his last rotation of the semester and is excited to have 2 weeks to relax. I am loving spending time with Cadance and am figuring out the whole mom thing. Speaking of, does anyone have any suggestions on getting groceries from the car to apartment with a baby. What I've come up with so far is carrying her inside and then locking the door, getting some bags and taking them inside, locking the door again, etc. until I'm done. But, maybe there is a better way.


  1. groceries:
    idea 1 - go to the grocery store when Steve is home
    idea 2 - put all the groceries in her stroller with her and wheel it in
    idea 3 - Consider it an opportunity for exercise and hold cadance in one arm by carrying several bags in the other. Multiple trips will make you stronger!

  2. Oh Carolyn,
    Best Cadence post yet. Adorable faces, I laughed several times. Can't wait to meet her.

  3. Do you guys know your holiday schedule yet? Hopefully you'll be around when we are so we get to see you? Here's my idea for you to take care of the grocery thing. Get a garage. Close Garage door. Leave child in car or bring inside. Get groceries. Get child. :-) This works if you have a garage and you are ok with not seeing the child for a couple of seconds. I think it works I have no idea I don't have a child.

  4. She is really so cute, and I love that you've captured so many bits of her personality. We really would love to see you guys when we're in Texas, but understand if you have to leave to be with your families. :)

  5. So beautiful! Babies are amazing! So, my trick for survivng babies and getting groceries in the house at the same time is a Mayawrap. I've had the same one for 4 kids and don't ever want live without one! They beat hefting carseats and it's nice to have baby close no matter what the activity. Plus, should you have other children soon it frees up hands to tend to them as well. Fabulous! Good luck! Thanks for posting, it's so fun to see your family grow!

  6. What a cutie!! the evil eyes are HILARIOUS!!! I do grocery shopping while John is home. If not, I do it the same as you do.

  7. Roast- maybe one day we'll have a garage attached to our house. That would be pretty fantastic.