Monday, November 2, 2009


Although you wouldn't be able to tell by the 70 degree weather, it is Autumn; you can tell from the pecans. But, we have had some cold days, and apparently it rained 20 out of 31 day in October. A few weeks ago at TCOM's annual powder puff football game it was freezing, and I was almost confident I could put away the t-shifts, but no go.

But, Halloween was fun. The night before Steve and I went to the Hatch's house and carved pumpkins with them and the Radsdales. Derek and Lee are in Steve's class. I'm mostly not artistic at all, but I had fun anyways. Our pumpkin is the one on the far right. Steve did the awesome eye brows and tongue.

We also decided to add a plant to our home. This is Kathy. We bought her at The Botanical Gardens. Now we do love her, but the person we bought her from was just a little bit on the possessive side. He'd been growing her for years. Whelp, $2 later and she was ours. She lives in Steve's study because it needed some green.

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