Monday, October 19, 2009

Just some stuff

Steve and I have been having fun lately. It's decided to stop raining for a little bit and it's been gorgeous, mid to high seventies. But, it's been cool enough to start baking, so I've starting my official baking season. I've decided to not buy any bread from the store all winter. You can see what I do in Carolyn's Cooking Corner to the right. I'm basically really excited.

This past weekend Steve and I went to Dallas and walked around Southwestern Medical Center. It's his top choice for residency, so we wanted to see what it looked like. It's huge! We've definitely gotten used to our little school. This is a picture of Steve at the campus.

We had five student couples move into our ward this past summer, and we've had fun getting to know them. Yesterday we played games at the Gibson's house. It was great fun. Also, Steve is substituting for seminary this week. He's teaching the Isaiah chapters and is loving it, except for getting up at 5:30. He now has a little more respect for his mom who has worked with seminary for years.

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